Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer - Tour Frame Build

Customer feedback received via email:

"Hi all! I'm sure you are inundated with enthusiastic customers grateful for the opportunity to receive an Omega frame and, though you don't request it, I thought a picture of the completed bike with or without the satisfied customer would be a great way to show our appreciation as a group to add to your web site. Thanks again for the opportunity to purchase your frame and make my dreams come true.
Sincerely, Barry in California"

Barry purchased a frame and successfully managed the build at his end using a Rock Shox Ario and all other parts that he sourced individually. We're so pleased to hear that the build went as expected and was finished promptly. Barry we hope you enjoy your ride... And the silver sparkle powdercoat finish looks just fabulous!

Limited Time Deal - SAVE $400!!

Save $400 on your new 2009 Oracle Omega luxury touring recumbent bicycle

That's right, for a limited time we're offering our full suspension 2009 luxury touring recumbent road bike, the Oracle Omega, at the incredible price of only $2599 CAD. That's an amazing deal at approximately $2100 USD!!!

The complete Oracle Omega bike package includes a fully assembled and tested machine with kickstand, fender package, heavy duty rear cargo rack in addition to all of our factory installed world class components like Rock Shox Ario and Meks Carbon fork. This pricing includes all taxes too!

We currently have sparkle sky blue and medium sparkle red powdercoated frames available for immediate build in either the SWB City or longer wheelbase Tour model. Our four stage powdercoated frames have a UV filter clearcoat top coat too. Reserve yours now!

Just email us with your preferred Oracle Omega edition (SWB City or longer wheelbase Tour version), your desired color and zip or postal code and we'll send a revised invoice showing the equivalent of $2599 CAD plus your exact shipping charge. It's as easy as that. In light of the tough economic times we thought we'd make it easy to own this sweet ride without having to pay an arm and a leg.

We also accept layaway payments, so it's even easier to own your dream bike.
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Oracle Omega luxury touring recumbent bicycle
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Omega City Customer Feedback

Jack demo on early prototype ~ 2004
Customer feedback received via email:

"Since I perfected my riding I have ridden the bike about 6,000 miles (7200k).

I rode the coast of California for a couple of weeks, then went to Wyoming for some hills. Wyoming included about 40,000 feet (13,000 meters) of climbing through the Rockies doing the Tour de Wyoming.

I have done the Pedal Across Michigan (coast to coast across the state) and several century rides in Michigan and Ohio. There is also a lot of training in there and a lot of riding just having a great time.

I can now say that the bike is slower going up a hill, but not a whole lot slower. It is like a rocket when there is anything approaching a down slope even a slight angle. Wind is not a problem except for the trail of other cyclists drafting me. This machine is a missle in the right conditions and no one can keep up with me. "

Thanks M.R. (in Michigan) for taking the time to write. We're quite pleased to hear that you're enjoying your Oracle Omega City!
~Anna Lee