Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Deals!

Limited Time! Good through May 31/2011.

Order your 2011 Oracle Omega luxury touring recumbent road bicycle (either the long wheel base Omega Tour or shorter wheel base Omega City version) and get....

a $300 Pick-up Credit (you pick up your completely assembled and tested bike here in Oshawa, ON) or


get Free Shipping Canada-wide/USA lower 48 states!

Plus receive a cool bicycle care kit (details to follow) and

your Oracle Omega purchase entitles you to a $50 Gift Certificate towards any purchase from Anna Lee's online jewelry boutiques of handmade artisan gemstone jewelry.

Email or call for complete details.

To signup for future deals:   LIKE our Oracle CycleWorks page on Facebook NOW!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Customer Feedback - Omega Tour

"To; Oracle Cycle                                      20 Sept 2010
I felt it important to report on my progress using the cycle purchased from you back in July 2010. After I fine tuned it to suit my preferences and given it a thorough workout, i find that it is without equal in all respects;

  1. It was extremely easy to modify
  2. The components are very high quality, resulting in a quiet ride, a stealthy ride even.
  3. The entire drive train is so smooth and responsive that I find there are no words to adequately describe the cycle's ride, perfect falls short
  4. Steering is excellent because of the even distribution of weight. Narrow passages are now easy to pass through as an example.

I have no reservation in giving this cycle and the maker of same, my
recommendation, "a quality design from a quality person".
Dave McKee"

D. McKee's Omega Tour, St. Thomas, Ontario

I really want to thank Dave for taking the time to forward this detailed (and glowing) assessment of his new Omega.  We just love the pimped out ride pic!  I copied his text and image from a pdf and added a photo credit.

That after market rear view mirror mount sure is different.  Functional as it no doubt is, I'm still wondering how to mount and dismount :) seriously, there obviously must be a way or you'd have to remain seated in perpetuity! LOL   Which when ya think about it, really isn't such a bad way to spend the rest of one's life now is it?  :)

Anyhow Dave, thank you again for the feedback.  We're glad you're having fun with your new toy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Office closed until July 15th

It was hectic but our last three Omega bike orders are finally complete and shipped. Response to our springtime sales event was incredible. Thanks to the wise shoppers who took advantage of the special.

We're glad to welcome new 2009 Oracle Omega customers in: California, Oregon, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario!

We need time to re-create :) We've taken a few days off and so ...

our office will be closed until July 15th.

Order taking and customer support will continue when we return.

Pics of Omega Tour

Omega City short wheelbase version in white

Matt's Omega Tour in Graphite

We continue to receive questions about what the Omega Tour bike looks like! The top photo here is the Omega City in white. Below it is the Omega Tour for comparison. Because the City is a short wheelbase configuration, the City's seating geometry is more upright. Notice how the City front wheel is situated closer to the seat.

Since introduction of the Omega in 2005 our studio pics (on the site, flyers, brochures etc.) were predominantly the Tour version. The Omega Tour is a "longer wheelbase" configuration meaning more distance between the wheels, a slightly more reclined seat, and more relaxed steering and handling.

For certain cyclists their height can determine which bike will fit them best. Obviously those with shorter x-seams (to generalize I'm referring to riders under 5' 5") tend to favour the City and conversely riders over 6' 2" will often fit the Tour best. But for all the rest of us, the choice of configuration is totally a matter of taste.

Recently we've shown a granny smith apple green Omega City in several online places and apparently some shoppers want more clarification on the differences between our two Omega versions.

When customers write to ask what the Omega Tour looks like we routinely say it's virtually the same frame as the City - just a bit longer in wheelbase! But we admit at first glance our Omega Tour and Omega City versions look identical...

To demonstrate the Tour geometry we've compiled a slide show featuring various shots of five Omega Tour recumbent road bikes (four of our most recent 2009 Omega Tour complete bike builds). We've included the closeups most requested.

2009 sales have been brisk due in large part to our Oracle Omega springtime savings promotion. Unfortunately for new buyers that sale is now over :(

We still offer frames and framesets for online sales too, so visit our site for more information and pricing. For home builders, we offer an a-la-carte menu of Omega specific parts available for purchase with one of our frames.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Contact Email for Oracle Cycle Works

After receiving way too many reports from potential customers to the effect that they were unable to contact Oracle Cycle Works with inquiries via our former yahoo mail ID, we've gone to this NEW email address:

We apologize for the temperamental nature of yahoo mail and cannot even attempt to explain why bounces or non-delivery would happen, but apparently that was frequently the case.

Since the email switch was made (around May 1/09) and the site was duly updated, there have been no more reports of contact issues.

Our primary Marketing, Sales, & Customer Support contact remains David at 416-804-9321. If you've emailed us and not gotten a prompt reply, again, we apologize. In such cases, please advise David and he'll work quickly to resolve any technical issues.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Customer Feedback from Montreal, Quebec

Omega Features Overview 2007

"After an extensive research on recumbent bikes (bents), I was fortunate to find a Canadian manufacturer who offered by far, the best price/quality ratio on the market. I am the proud owner of an Omega Tour from Oracle Cycle You can't help but have people notice this fine piece of craftsmanship when you ride. It is very well designed and fast. I would never go back to a normal bike again. Thank you Oracle Cycle!" ~M.C. in Montreal, Quebec

Oracle Omega Tour bicycle sticker

Thank you so much Mario for taking the time to write. We have several happy Oracle Omega owners in the province of Quebec and hopefully more to follow. Don't forget to send us your pics, your touring stories, or anything else of interest. We'll post them here so others can understand your purchase experience with us.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer - Tour Frame Build

Customer feedback received via email:

"Hi all! I'm sure you are inundated with enthusiastic customers grateful for the opportunity to receive an Omega frame and, though you don't request it, I thought a picture of the completed bike with or without the satisfied customer would be a great way to show our appreciation as a group to add to your web site. Thanks again for the opportunity to purchase your frame and make my dreams come true.
Sincerely, Barry in California"

Barry purchased a frame and successfully managed the build at his end using a Rock Shox Ario and all other parts that he sourced individually. We're so pleased to hear that the build went as expected and was finished promptly. Barry we hope you enjoy your ride... And the silver sparkle powdercoat finish looks just fabulous!

Limited Time Deal - SAVE $400!!

Save $400 on your new 2009 Oracle Omega luxury touring recumbent bicycle

That's right, for a limited time we're offering our full suspension 2009 luxury touring recumbent road bike, the Oracle Omega, at the incredible price of only $2599 CAD. That's an amazing deal at approximately $2100 USD!!!

The complete Oracle Omega bike package includes a fully assembled and tested machine with kickstand, fender package, heavy duty rear cargo rack in addition to all of our factory installed world class components like Rock Shox Ario and Meks Carbon fork. This pricing includes all taxes too!

We currently have sparkle sky blue and medium sparkle red powdercoated frames available for immediate build in either the SWB City or longer wheelbase Tour model. Our four stage powdercoated frames have a UV filter clearcoat top coat too. Reserve yours now!

Just email us with your preferred Oracle Omega edition (SWB City or longer wheelbase Tour version), your desired color and zip or postal code and we'll send a revised invoice showing the equivalent of $2599 CAD plus your exact shipping charge. It's as easy as that. In light of the tough economic times we thought we'd make it easy to own this sweet ride without having to pay an arm and a leg.

We also accept layaway payments, so it's even easier to own your dream bike.
We're PayPal verified
You can pay by PayPal. It's fast, easy and secure. And we're PayPal Verified.

Or bypass the PayPal module and charge directly to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. See our site for technical details and product specifications.

Oracle Omega luxury touring recumbent bicycle
Read the good news about our discounted shipping rates too.

Don't delay as this special deal won't last forever.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Omega City Customer Feedback

Jack demo on early prototype ~ 2004
Customer feedback received via email:

"Since I perfected my riding I have ridden the bike about 6,000 miles (7200k).

I rode the coast of California for a couple of weeks, then went to Wyoming for some hills. Wyoming included about 40,000 feet (13,000 meters) of climbing through the Rockies doing the Tour de Wyoming.

I have done the Pedal Across Michigan (coast to coast across the state) and several century rides in Michigan and Ohio. There is also a lot of training in there and a lot of riding just having a great time.

I can now say that the bike is slower going up a hill, but not a whole lot slower. It is like a rocket when there is anything approaching a down slope even a slight angle. Wind is not a problem except for the trail of other cyclists drafting me. This machine is a missle in the right conditions and no one can keep up with me. "

Thanks M.R. (in Michigan) for taking the time to write. We're quite pleased to hear that you're enjoying your Oracle Omega City!
~Anna Lee

Friday, July 18, 2008

Trike Differential Kits

SOLD OUT - update as at December 9/2008
sorry, these units are completely sold out and we will not be getting more.
Yes, we still a few, very few of the Tricycle Differential Kits available. These wonderfully crafted YST innovations were imported by us to be used in our custom recumbent trike manufacturing business.

But as many of you know, we no longer operate the full service recumbent cycle shop and retail outlet, so a few stashed items like these kits simply must go.

Kit (11 pieces)
$249 USD

Shipped within Canada/continental USA

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Omega Tour Signature Edition

Our dear friendCandy Apple Red Omega Tour John from Pickering picked up his sexy candy apple red Omega Tour Signature Edition the other day. With more depth, transparency and pizazz this 2008 powdercoat is simply spectacular. For 2008, we're featuring medium red sparkle and sparkle sky blue standard finishes at no upcharge. Achieving the candy apple red however is a multi step process at $100 upcharge, but the results are well worth the additional cost.

John has been a long time customer, friend, supporter and fervent recumbent cycling enthusiast in our area. We always enjoyed his visits at our former store. In fact, John actually demo'd one of our first Omega prototypes and he was filmed by CBC MoneyWise TV crew for an episode in which our company was featured. So it was exciting for all of us that John will now be riding an Oracle Omega!

John requested the designer's signature on his frame and somehow we managed to talk Jack into signing it! The final result is really cool. The Designer's Signature shown here is in metallic silver but other paint colours are available. John we hope you have a blast on your delicious candy apple red Omega Tour!

If you are interested in receiving a one of a kind Signature Edition Omega give clear instructions to your dealer. Or if you're ordering directly from us just drop us a line to request this free option.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Omega Tour Bike and Omega City Get Hand Built Recumbent Wheels

Lots of you recognize David from his cheery presence at our former retail store on Saturdays and all the work he's done supporting us at trade shows, recumbent rides, BBQs and racing events. Well, now he's lacing wheels too. In fact even *I've* finally mastered wheel lacing!! no kidding!

In all honesty Jack has tried to show me how to lace wheels at least five times in as many years with absolutely no luck. Either I wasn't concentrating before or wheel lacing is as confusing as all heck... I still haven't decided which.

Jack calls the lace pattern triple cross, and we found out that it can be a bit more difficult to do on the smaller 20" wheels. But once you start to get the hang of it, lacing is really not so bad. David can now get a wheel done in about 20 minutes!!! And he does 'em while watching TV... bonus!

David lacing wheels in front of the TV
But anyhow, all of the 26 and 20 inch wheels on our Oracle Omegas are now hand built, hand tensioned and hand trued - and they will be from here on out. Well at least until we place our next wheel order anyway:)

BTW, our guru Jack still does all the tough wheel building stuff - the tensioning and truing - and those feats are really more of an art than a science in my opinion!

This attention to quality and details means you won't be repeatedly getting flats, a common problem with machine built wheels.

Contact us if you require a custom wheel set build. Email: oracle_cycles at!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scott and Becky Go East blog

I'm fairly new to blogging but I just read a blog by a couple who bought a pair of new recumbent bikes for cycling around the world. I'm not clear on where this couple lives but apparently they're Canadians intent on touring Europe, the Middle East and eventually other interesting locales. The "Scott and Becky Go East" blog: has captured the interest of several prospective recumbent road bike buyers. This couple's decision to buy a pair of HP Velotechnik Streetmachines in favour of our Oracle Omegas is the subject of this post...

I simply have to make a few comments here. The NY dealership apparently wasn't able to fit Becky on either an Omega Tour or Omega City and apparently this was the major reason why this couple writes they bought the other bikes. As a woman myself at only 5'7" I'm not only the owner of this company but was the exclusive Canadian importer for years of the euro bents and proudly I'm the guiding force behind the development of the Oracle Omega project.

More background on this subject: I purchased my own personal Streetmachine in 2003 but immediately found it very difficult to mount and steer the Streetmachine because I'm just not tall enough to really fit that bike. Now I'm a huge fan of HP Velotechnik and honestly I DO consider them to be the ultimate Euro recumbent bike effort. Through my companies "Triketrails" and the former "Oracle Cycle Works" retail storefront I enjoyed representing HP Velotechnik as one of their "Premium Dealers" in Canada for several years. And I certainly sold many, many HP Velotechnik bikes to lots of happy customers.

But at Oracle Cycle Works we embarked on our recumbent touring bike design project almost immediately in 2003. We spent years designing, prototyping and testing our original model the Omega Tour and in 2005 later we also introduced the SWB Omega City.

Both our Omega Tour and Omega City recumbent road bikes offer literally dozens of handlebar adjustment options in order to accommodate the needs of virtually any size and shape of rider. The SWB City version of the Omega is very easy to fit for shorter riders and women too. For optimum demo testing in such a case however, the boom may actually need to be cut allowing shorter riders to really 'settle' into the reclined position. AND our handlebar setup borrowed from mountain bike schema offers unlimited versatility WHEN adjusted to fit the rider.

We need to stress as well, that we offer a factory installed mid pannier rack for the Oracle Omega ($100 upgrade). I'm not certain where Scott and Becky reside, but had they done more research and actually contacted us they might have been surprised to find out that our factory direct prices are lower than the NY dealer by $ hundreds per bike and we offer a couples price package on His & Hers purchases too.

To add insult to injury, I have personally been on the lookout for years for an opportunity to sponsor a cycling team interested in long haul adventure cycling! And for the right opportunity (a Canadian couple - willing to buy a pair of bikes - looking for touring recumbents no less - in order to do extensive adventure cycling? wow) I would have made them one heck of a sweet finanical deal. Oh well...

This post was intended to highlight to folks not only the facts about the adjustablity of the Oracle Omega, but to stress the value of research - that it really does pay to do research when purchasing a recumbent bike. The market for good recumbents is actually very small. There are only a handful of manufacturers and few dealers.

So Scott and Becky not only took their business to the USA, but they purchased a German bike that by their own admission is not as well equipped as ours, and wow did they overpay! Our Oshawa Ontario bike company is yes newer to the recumbent world than HP Velotechnik but our product is finer. And it's a shame that message isn't even being delivered through dealers.

Oracle Omega Recumbent Road Bike Demos Running Again in Oshawa

It was wonderful to see our dear friends John and Kathy R. who dropped by today with their cute Shitsu Bowser. Despite the miserable 40 degree cold and way too much rain, John took the Omegas out for demos. It's already midway through April and believe it or not these are the first demos we've run this year! And it's really not our fault that things are so delayed either...

Our weather here in Southern Ontario has been dreadful. Winter was fierce with bitter cold, abundant snowfall, high winds and freezing &/or rainy conditions through most of March. Sure, there were a few nice days mid week here and there but since we're only running bike demos evenings and weekends, things with our factory demos got postponed.

Anyhow, we're finally open for 2008 Omega demos! They're available here at our North Central Oshawa residence most evenings and weekends by firm appointment. Just email or call 905-718-7080 to arrange. Once an appointment time is set we'll email complete driving directions.

Why firm appointments? Why only evenings and weekends? Well, I like to have my posse around when demos take place. By posse I mean the whole team... that includes our friend, colleague and bike designer Jack as well as David my other half. Demo sessions are always exciting what with meeting new folks, teaching newbies how to ride a recumbent and all the banter back and forth about the myths and facts surrounding recumbent road bikes. Jack and David definitely handle things like bike set-up, mechanical adjustments, spotting riders, etc. way better than I. And there are always questions that pop up that we all learn from. So when you demo our recumbents, you get to meet the entire team.

All three of us love this aspect of what we do and it shows! We get a blast out of connecting with folks in this manner. And I truly appreciate the support given by Jack and David. I respect the time and effort they invest in working with prospective clients. So when you express interest in dropping by to demo bikes, I first confirm with my guys that they can attend - yep we all have day jobs.

Demos are also available through our dealer network. If there are no dealers in your area and you wish to try an Oracle Omega recumbent road bicycle, ask your local bike shop to contact us through The email address is oracle_cycles at yahoo dot ca.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wow - bike season is finally here!

Welcome to our new blog feed. With the thaw we have finally arrived at what I hope is the dawn of another great cycling season. I generally love the cold weather and definitely I'm crazy for snow, but this year even I'm fed up with living in The Great White North. I just can't wait to get cycling again.

Here at Oracle Cycle Works manufacturing season is finally in full swing. The weather warms a bit and suddenly everybody's thoughts turn to new bikes. Last minute orders are arriving almost daily here and we are excited about our sales prospects for 2008.

This year, we've i2008 Oracle Omega recumbent road bicyclentroduced two new powdercoat finishes. Featured on our homepage is sparkle sky blue and an inset pic of our candy apple red. Both colours feature a UV protective clearcoat 2-layer finish over discreet flecks so these frames glimmer in sunshine. Very sexy!
Candy Apple Red powdercoat
For 2008 you get your pick of seat with or without head support. Avid discs are shipping standard and our not-so-standard standard features still includes a valuable package of accessories at no upcharge including our proprietary black anodized heavy duty aluminum cargo rack, heavy duty custom kickstand and full front and rear mudguards (I call 'em fenders).

More news to follow...