Friday, February 6, 2009

Omega City Customer Feedback

Jack demo on early prototype ~ 2004
Customer feedback received via email:

"Since I perfected my riding I have ridden the bike about 6,000 miles (7200k).

I rode the coast of California for a couple of weeks, then went to Wyoming for some hills. Wyoming included about 40,000 feet (13,000 meters) of climbing through the Rockies doing the Tour de Wyoming.

I have done the Pedal Across Michigan (coast to coast across the state) and several century rides in Michigan and Ohio. There is also a lot of training in there and a lot of riding just having a great time.

I can now say that the bike is slower going up a hill, but not a whole lot slower. It is like a rocket when there is anything approaching a down slope even a slight angle. Wind is not a problem except for the trail of other cyclists drafting me. This machine is a missle in the right conditions and no one can keep up with me. "

Thanks M.R. (in Michigan) for taking the time to write. We're quite pleased to hear that you're enjoying your Oracle Omega City!
~Anna Lee

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