Thursday, March 19, 2009

Customer Feedback from Montreal, Quebec

Omega Features Overview 2007

"After an extensive research on recumbent bikes (bents), I was fortunate to find a Canadian manufacturer who offered by far, the best price/quality ratio on the market. I am the proud owner of an Omega Tour from Oracle Cycle You can't help but have people notice this fine piece of craftsmanship when you ride. It is very well designed and fast. I would never go back to a normal bike again. Thank you Oracle Cycle!" ~M.C. in Montreal, Quebec

Oracle Omega Tour bicycle sticker

Thank you so much Mario for taking the time to write. We have several happy Oracle Omega owners in the province of Quebec and hopefully more to follow. Don't forget to send us your pics, your touring stories, or anything else of interest. We'll post them here so others can understand your purchase experience with us.

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