Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pics of Omega Tour

Omega City short wheelbase version in white

Matt's Omega Tour in Graphite

We continue to receive questions about what the Omega Tour bike looks like! The top photo here is the Omega City in white. Below it is the Omega Tour for comparison. Because the City is a short wheelbase configuration, the City's seating geometry is more upright. Notice how the City front wheel is situated closer to the seat.

Since introduction of the Omega in 2005 our studio pics (on the site, flyers, brochures etc.) were predominantly the Tour version. The Omega Tour is a "longer wheelbase" configuration meaning more distance between the wheels, a slightly more reclined seat, and more relaxed steering and handling.

For certain cyclists their height can determine which bike will fit them best. Obviously those with shorter x-seams (to generalize I'm referring to riders under 5' 5") tend to favour the City and conversely riders over 6' 2" will often fit the Tour best. But for all the rest of us, the choice of configuration is totally a matter of taste.

Recently we've shown a granny smith apple green Omega City in several online places and apparently some shoppers want more clarification on the differences between our two Omega versions.

When customers write to ask what the Omega Tour looks like we routinely say it's virtually the same frame as the City - just a bit longer in wheelbase! But we admit at first glance our Omega Tour and Omega City versions look identical...

To demonstrate the Tour geometry we've compiled a slide show featuring various shots of five Omega Tour recumbent road bikes (four of our most recent 2009 Omega Tour complete bike builds). We've included the closeups most requested.

2009 sales have been brisk due in large part to our Oracle Omega springtime savings promotion. Unfortunately for new buyers that sale is now over :(

We still offer frames and framesets for online sales too, so visit our site for more information and pricing. For home builders, we offer an a-la-carte menu of Omega specific parts available for purchase with one of our frames.

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A Beaded Affair said...

Fabulous look! What a statement they would make on the road.