Thursday, October 7, 2010

Customer Feedback - Omega Tour

"To; Oracle Cycle                                      20 Sept 2010
I felt it important to report on my progress using the cycle purchased from you back in July 2010. After I fine tuned it to suit my preferences and given it a thorough workout, i find that it is without equal in all respects;

  1. It was extremely easy to modify
  2. The components are very high quality, resulting in a quiet ride, a stealthy ride even.
  3. The entire drive train is so smooth and responsive that I find there are no words to adequately describe the cycle's ride, perfect falls short
  4. Steering is excellent because of the even distribution of weight. Narrow passages are now easy to pass through as an example.

I have no reservation in giving this cycle and the maker of same, my
recommendation, "a quality design from a quality person".
Dave McKee"

D. McKee's Omega Tour, St. Thomas, Ontario

I really want to thank Dave for taking the time to forward this detailed (and glowing) assessment of his new Omega.  We just love the pimped out ride pic!  I copied his text and image from a pdf and added a photo credit.

That after market rear view mirror mount sure is different.  Functional as it no doubt is, I'm still wondering how to mount and dismount :) seriously, there obviously must be a way or you'd have to remain seated in perpetuity! LOL   Which when ya think about it, really isn't such a bad way to spend the rest of one's life now is it?  :)

Anyhow Dave, thank you again for the feedback.  We're glad you're having fun with your new toy!

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