Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Omega Tour Bike and Omega City Get Hand Built Recumbent Wheels

Lots of you recognize David from his cheery presence at our former retail store on Saturdays and all the work he's done supporting us at trade shows, recumbent rides, BBQs and racing events. Well, now he's lacing wheels too. In fact even *I've* finally mastered wheel lacing!! no kidding!

In all honesty Jack has tried to show me how to lace wheels at least five times in as many years with absolutely no luck. Either I wasn't concentrating before or wheel lacing is as confusing as all heck... I still haven't decided which.

Jack calls the lace pattern triple cross, and we found out that it can be a bit more difficult to do on the smaller 20" wheels. But once you start to get the hang of it, lacing is really not so bad. David can now get a wheel done in about 20 minutes!!! And he does 'em while watching TV... bonus!

David lacing wheels in front of the TV
But anyhow, all of the 26 and 20 inch wheels on our Oracle Omegas are now hand built, hand tensioned and hand trued - and they will be from here on out. Well at least until we place our next wheel order anyway:)

BTW, our guru Jack still does all the tough wheel building stuff - the tensioning and truing - and those feats are really more of an art than a science in my opinion!

This attention to quality and details means you won't be repeatedly getting flats, a common problem with machine built wheels.

Contact us if you require a custom wheel set build. Email: oracle_cycles at yahoo.ca!

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