Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oracle Omega Recumbent Road Bike Demos Running Again in Oshawa

It was wonderful to see our dear friends John and Kathy R. who dropped by today with their cute Shitsu Bowser. Despite the miserable 40 degree cold and way too much rain, John took the Omegas out for demos. It's already midway through April and believe it or not these are the first demos we've run this year! And it's really not our fault that things are so delayed either...

Our weather here in Southern Ontario has been dreadful. Winter was fierce with bitter cold, abundant snowfall, high winds and freezing &/or rainy conditions through most of March. Sure, there were a few nice days mid week here and there but since we're only running bike demos evenings and weekends, things with our factory demos got postponed.

Anyhow, we're finally open for 2008 Omega demos! They're available here at our North Central Oshawa residence most evenings and weekends by firm appointment. Just email or call 905-718-7080 to arrange. Once an appointment time is set we'll email complete driving directions.

Why firm appointments? Why only evenings and weekends? Well, I like to have my posse around when demos take place. By posse I mean the whole team... that includes our friend, colleague and bike designer Jack as well as David my other half. Demo sessions are always exciting what with meeting new folks, teaching newbies how to ride a recumbent and all the banter back and forth about the myths and facts surrounding recumbent road bikes. Jack and David definitely handle things like bike set-up, mechanical adjustments, spotting riders, etc. way better than I. And there are always questions that pop up that we all learn from. So when you demo our recumbents, you get to meet the entire team.

All three of us love this aspect of what we do and it shows! We get a blast out of connecting with folks in this manner. And I truly appreciate the support given by Jack and David. I respect the time and effort they invest in working with prospective clients. So when you express interest in dropping by to demo bikes, I first confirm with my guys that they can attend - yep we all have day jobs.

Demos are also available through our dealer network. If there are no dealers in your area and you wish to try an Oracle Omega recumbent road bicycle, ask your local bike shop to contact us through The email address is oracle_cycles at yahoo dot ca.

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